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Keeping golfers safe on the course

Golf Care has been providing specialist insurance to golfers for nearly 2 decades, and in that time, we’ve also witnessed plenty of unfortunate golfing accidents and incidents.

The mission behind our Golf Safety Drive is to raise awareness of the risks that frequently occur on the course and make sure golfers are protected. We don’t believe that golfers have enough awareness of these risks, so we want to change that and ultimately keep golfers safe.

What are the risks golfers face?

When thinking of potentially dangerous sports, golf may not be at the top of your list. However, on courses across the country there are accidents happening every day that are completely out of control of golfers.

You may think it won’t happen to you, but don’t take that chance! With our Golf Safety Drive, we want to make sure every golfer is protected from the risks:

Hitting a wayward shot

If your shot hits someone or damages someone else’s property, you need Public Liability insurance to protect yourself against any compensation costs.

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Having an accident whilst playing

It can easily happen! Protecting yourself with Personal Accident insurance means you’d be covered for any serious incident that happens whilst playing.

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Theft, loss and damage

You’ve probably got a decent amount of golf equipment that you wouldn’t want to risk being stolen or accidentally damaged, and your home insurance may not cover it!

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Sudden Cardiac Arrests

We’re working with Arrhythmia Alliance to help raise money to provide more defibrillators in UK golf clubs.

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Covering the cost of huge legal bills

One golfer was awarded £397,000 in damages after a wayward shot hit him in the eye. Can you afford to take the risk?

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Playing without golf insurance

Whether you’re liable for legal costs after a wayward shot or your equipment is stolen, you don’t want to have to pay out.

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We’ve paid out thousands to protect our policyholders – whether it’s been as a result of hitting wayward shots that have injured other people, or equipment being stolen or damaged.

We hope you find our Golf Safety Drive helpful and as a result, you stay safe on the course!

3-time Ryder Cup Captain, Bernard Gallacher, explains why you need golf insurance.

“I have been involved in golf for more than 40 years as a tour player, PGA Professional, Golf Club Captain, Ryder Cup Captain and commentator, and I have witnessed an awful lot of things on a golf course, I can tell you. Mishaps and accidents can happen to anyone and it’s quite frightening to imagine that your next shot could cost you a fortune.”

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