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Why all golfers need Equipment Cover

Around three quarters of our claims relate to the theft, loss and damage of golfing equipment. Clearly, there is a high risk of your equipment being lost, damaged or stolen, wherever you are.

Considering the sums you pay for this equipment – with clubs alone costing hundreds if not thousands of pounds – and the time taken to select and build your equipment, it’s essential you protect it with the right insurance. This way, you can repair or replace it with minimal hassle.

A common misconception among golfers is that home insurance policies will cover equipment such as golf clubs and accessories both on and off the golf course. However, this isn’t true of many home insurance policies – in some cases, you’d be surprised by how little they insure you for.

That’s why you need Equipment Cover from a trusted specialist golf insurance provider. At Golf Care, we provide up to £7,500 of Equipment Cover for your golf equipment if it’s lost, stolen, or damaged, including when you’re travelling to and from the course.

As part of this cover, we’ll replace your clubs on a ‘New-for-Old’ basis if they were purchased new and are up to three years old. This way, if you end up being one of the two golfers a day whose equipment is lost, damaged or stolen, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re protected.

We provide four different levels of Equipment Cover, depending on your requirements. These cover your clubs, balls, bags, trolleys, carts, clothing, GPS devices and GPS watches, and other accessories purchased for playing golf.

Don’t just take our word for it. Our ambassador and former Europe Ryder Cup captain Bernard Gallacher explains in the below video why Equipment Cover is so important.

To protect your equipment against the common risks on and off the golf course, get covered with us today.