Golfers Dental Insurance Cover


Getting hit in the mouth by a golf club or golf ball can be at best unpleasant and painful, at worst, result in a serious injury requiring medical or dental work. What most people are not aware of is that many dental insurance plans will not cover you financially for a dental-related accident if you're playing a sport. So if you're hit in the mouth by a golf club while playing a game you could be financially responsible for any resulting dental expenses.

Why choose Golf Care’s golf dental insurance?

To prevent this from happening, Golf Care offers a personal golf dental insurance policy to cover you against emergency dental expenses occurring as a result of a direct blow by a golf club while on any golf course, both locally and abroad. We'll cover you for up to £500 towards dental work such as x-rays, fillings, caps, and other dental procedures if you sustain an injury to your mouth and teeth.

Golf Care offers affordable golf dental insurance policies in four different levels, depending on where you'll be playing golf. Our bronze and silver policies start at £34.99 for a year's golf dental insurance.

UK National Health Service (NHS) dental plans and many other private dental plans won't cover you if you need dental treatment abroad, which is why our overseas gold and platinum policies are especially useful. Our gold package costs £54.99 a year and covers you throughout Europe, while our platinum policy costs £69.99 a year and covers you for personal golf dental insurance in any country worldwide.

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