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Territory of cover:
Number of attempts: [i] Only one shot per player at the stipulated hole is permitted. The number of shots for the whole event is nominated in the schedule.
No practice shots are permitted.

Hole yardage: [i] The hole will be measured from teeing ground to the centre of the green, and shall be not less than the specified yardage in the schedule. You should select the yardage nearest to the pin, for example if it is a mixed competition the ladies tee yardage should
be used.
Is reinstatement required? [i] Reinstatement allows for multiple winners. If you do not select this option and a golfer aces a hole-in-one the prize will not be available to the rest of the field
Prize Value

Total Charge: £151.05
The event must be at least 7 days from today and no more than 90 days from today.

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How It Works

Get Insured
Our hole-in-one prize insurance can insure your event at any recognised golf club in the world. Our policy premiums are calculated on the value of the prize insured, the number of attempts & the distance of the hole.

If you're worried about having more than one winner for a small fee you can choose to re-instate the insurance to allow for the possibility of multiple winners.

Once you or the sponsor has taken out a policy we will issue an insurance schedule and policy information.

On The Day
WINNER – we will pay the insured the prize value which they have insured. They in turn can then purchase the prize and pass on to the winner grabbing as much PR for the event and sponsor as possible.

Policy terms and conditions apply as detailed in the insurance booklet.

Underwritten by Golf Care Underwritten by RSA

For immediate cover call our UK based
Customer Service Team on: