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In recent years and especially in the last decade, the trend has moved towards combining holidays abroad with playing golf. For many people, a golf trip overseas means you can relax in beautiful surroundings with lovely weather, soaking up a new culture while, most importantly, enjoying your favourite game of golf. Travel can be unpredictable though, and especially if you're travelling by plane you face an increased risk of the loss or theft of your golf equipment.

If you are unfortunate enough to have your golf clubs stolen or lost while you're travelling abroad, you will either have to borrow other clubs, quickly purchase new ones, or not play golf at all. Our golf equipment insurance means that if your golf equipment is lost or delayed in transit, for more than 12 hours, we'll cover you for up to £500 towards the costs of golf equipment hire of replacement clubs. This means that you can still play golf abroad at no extra expense, even if you can't use your own clubs.

Golf Care offers four levels of specially-tailored sports insurance depending on where you'll be playing golf. Our Bronze and Silver policies provide different levels of insurance for the UK only, and start at £32.99 for a year's cover. Our Gold golf insurance policy costs £54.99 per year and covers you throughout Europe, while our Platinum policy costs £69.99 and will cover you for golf equipment hire in any country worldwide.

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