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Why choose our specialist Hole in One Insurance Cover?

Although scoring a golf hole-in-one is an exhilarating experience, and guaranteed high point in any golfer’s game, the downside is that at most golf clubs you will be required to pay for a round of drinks at the clubhouse if you are lucky enough to score one!

So what are the odds of actually scoring a hole-in-one? These vary somewhat according to the source and the way they are calculated. Several years ago, Golf Digest reported that a PGA professional’s chances are 1 in 3,756, while an amateur’s chances are 1 in 12,750. So while they occur more frequently with professional players, hole-in-ones happen to amateur golfers more often than one would think. Assuming that there are approximately 100 amateurs in a typical golf tournament and the course has the standard four par 3 holes, the chances of someone in your tournament scoring a hole-in-one are roughly 1 in 32.

What does the policy cover?

It therefore makes good sense to make sure you are adequately insured for these relatively good odds. At Golf Care our golf hole-in-one insurance offers the very best rates – insurance with us will cover you for up to £200 towards the drinks bill should you score that famous shot. Although not as critical as insurance for other eventualities such as theft, loss or damage to your golfing equipment, our insurance can certainly ease the burden if you are required to quench the thirst of those lying in wait in the clubhouse on your return.

We have four different hole-in-one insurance policies available: bronze and silver cover you whilst playing in the UK, whilst our gold and platinum hole-in-one insurance policies cover you for when playing abroad – either just in Europe or anywhere in the world.

Are you hosting a golf day or tournament? Want to up the ante for this one? You can get luxury holidays, brand new top of the range cars, or even cash!

That one lucky shot would make your event a very special occasion – imagine the publicity if someone drives home in a brand new car?

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the size of the prize available for such a low premium.

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