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Surveys estimate that over 4 million people play golf throughout the UK, with the number increasing every year. As the game gains greater popularity there are more and more people out on the golf courses, meaning your chances of injuring someone else while playing unfortunately increases annually.

Most people are not aware that most common household insurance policies exclude sports Public Liability insurance. The Court of Appeal ruled in 1998 that should you damage property or injure someone else as a result of an errant shot on the golf course, you could be held financially responsible. In fact, even if you shout "fore!" you will still be responsible for any resulting injury or damage.

How personal golf liability insurance can help

It is therefore highly recommended that you take out a golf insurance policy to offset the financial implications should this happen to you.

With our personal golf liability insurance coverage, you will be financially covered for up to £5 million in the event of accidentally injuring another party.

Our golf liability insurance policy also covers the costs of repairing any damage caused to property by an accidental wild shot.

Golf Care's golf liability insurance policies are available in four types depending on the country you'll be playing in. Our great value Bronze and Silver policies cover you for play in the UK only, while our more extensive Gold and Platinum policies insure you for play overseas as well, either just throughout Europe or anywhere in the world.

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