Risks on the course

Why golf insurance is essential

Specialist golf insurance might not be something you’ve considered before. You could have been playing golf all of your life and been lucky enough to never have had an incident. If that’s the case then you’re probably wondering why you should be thinking about golf insurance. So let’s consider the top 3 risks that all golfers face…

1. Have you ever hit a wayward shot?

If the answer is yes, and let’s be honest, we all do it every now and again, then you can’t guarantee that your next mis-hit won’t hit another golfer, a car, or a building. If that happens then could you afford to pay for the damages? With a specialist golf insurance policy we’ll cover you for up to £5m Public Liability, which means you’re covered if you are deemed liable for damages. Read the story of the golfer who was sued for £397,000 after hitting another golfer to understand the potential consequences of a wayward shot.

2. Do you know the total value of your golf gear?

You’ve probably not ever considered the total value of all your own gear. If you're like most golfers we know, you'll have collected it over the years and don't ever think about the amount of cash you're then carrying around with you on the course. These days waterproofs could set you back up to £500, not to mention your GPS and electric trolley. Taking all of this into account the average value of a golfer’s gear is over £2,500. Could you afford to replace yours if it was stolen, lost or damaged? With a specialist golf insurance policy your equipment will be covered against theft, loss and damage and better yet, we’ll replace it on a New-for-Old basis up to 3 years old.

3. How many times have you heard the shout “fore” on the course?

Stray golf balls are an obvious hazard on the golf course and pose the most real threat to golfers. But there's always the potential for other accidents. We've seen many different types of incidents over the years, such as golfers who have been hit in the teeth by a back swing, fallen into bunkers and broken bones and golfers who have been run over by golf buggies. On average 12,400 golf-related injuries require hospital treatment every year. With our specialist golf insurance policy Personal Accident cover means you could be compensated up to £50,000 if you are ever seriously injured on the course.

Other things you’ll be covered against with our specialist golf insurance cover

  • Club hire replacement - if you are playing in a tournament and need a replacement set of clubs should your clubs have been lost or stolen
  • Hole-in-One bar bill cover - if you’re lucky enough to hit that dream shot we’ll cover the bar bill up to £200
  • Club subscription reimbursement - if you’re unable to play golf because of a golf accident we’ll reimburse the cost of your membership fee
  • Worldwide cover - if you go abroad to play golf you’ll be covered overseas as well as the UK

Plus much more, have a look at our Summary of Insurance page for details of everything included in our specialist golf insurance policy and the full terms of our cover.

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