5 of the best golf accessories to help you under par

Golf Care, 20th July 2015

Playing golf doesn’t just include golf clubs and golf balls does it? There are many other items that help you get from the tee, into the hole. Some accessories help keep your clubs in good condition, some make your life on the course that little bit easier, but some in England especially are necessary to keep you from getting absolutely drenched on a typical summer’s day in England!

At Golf Care, we don’t just insure you for personal accident up to £50,000 and public liability up to £5,000,000. Then there’s all your golf equipment for theft, loss and damage, but when we say golf equipment this goes way further than golf clubs and golf balls this is all your accessories.

Here’s 5 of the best golf accessories to help you under par:



Ever heard the saying, ‘four seasons in one day’? Well this is what you’re quite likely to encounter playing a round of golf in the UK, whether that be in March, July or November. There’s not going to be too many rounds you play throughout the year, where can feel comfortable walking round the course without an umbrella, or at least waterproofs just in case you get caught up in a sudden downpour.



These days, there is a gadget or an app for near enough anything, golf is no different to this rule and golf GPS have become rather common in recent times. They’ve been permitted in the rules of golf now since 2006 and in theory can only benefit your game and overall performance. The device will have the course mapped out for you and accurately calculate the distances needed to reach the green/hole from wherever you find yourself on the course. The GPS can also minimise the risk of you hitting the hazards, especially on those pesky 500 yard par 5’s with huge blind spots! A must have pocket sized caddie for any amateur golfer.



Unless you have the luxury of a golf buggy to carry the load of your golf bag or even a caddie to help out with your bag. You’re probably going to have to carry your own clubs around the course, which after 18 holes isn’t the easiest thing your shoulders have ever done. Investing in a trolley, electric or not would seem like a sound investment, from your shoulders point of view anyway! You can pick up a standard pull along trolley from as little as £20-£100, whereas electric ones are anything from £150-£600.



The technology involved in designing golf shoes has advanced dramatically in the last decade. We no longer see those metal spiked, plank-hard sole with stiff, leaky leather uppers that your Grandad used to wear! Manufacturers have adopted and adapted techniques used in other sports to significantly improve the performance of modern golf shoes. They now used much more flexible, breathable, waterproof materials to make the shoes much more comfortable. The top of the range golf shoes retail at around £70-£90 but are not just confined to be worn on the course anymore, thanks to their relatively normal trainer design.

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Head covers


Golfers use head covers for a number of reasons, mostly they are used to protect the clubs from the usual clunking against each other that happens quite naturally when walking around a course all day. A lot of golfers buy head covers to add a bit of pizzazz to their bag. Sports team’s or golf courses logos have used from many times by the world’s best golfers but usually the most eye catching are covers shaped like animals, most notably Tiger’s tigers.

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