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What To Do During A Lightning Storm When You’re On The Golf Course

lightning on golf course

When you’re on the golf course, you should always expect the unexpected – as proven by the weekend’s events. Six spectators were injured following two lightning strikes at the Tour Championship in Atlanta, USA. Sadly, this is far from an isolated incident. In 2017, one of our policyholders, 60-year-old Philip Shard, lost his life after […]

10 Things Every British Golfer Dreads

British Golfer

  Many of the UK’s 4 million golfers have a love-hate relationship with the sport. Playing a round can be hugely rewarding, but also highly frustrating. Here are the 10 things that every British golfer dreads: 1) Slicing into the rough at the first tee Golf can be a frustrating sport and one of the most […]

Five of the best golf courses in the USA

On 7th April 2016, the world’s best golfers will descend on Augusta Golf Club in the state of Georgia for the 2016 Masters Golf Tournament. But Augusta is just one of the best golf courses in the USA. Here are five others that deserve recognition as being amongst the country’s best. Pine Valley Golf Club, […]

Top tips for keeping your cool on the golf course

So, you’re having a bad day on the golf course and EVERYTHING is going wrong. You’ve brought the wrong clubs, you’ve forgotten your lucky ball and you seem to have a gravitational pull towards bunkers all day… hey it happens. But losing your cool on the green is a sure-fire way to really annoy your […]