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The 11 Best Golf Putters On The Market In 2021

Golf Care, 1st September 2021


There’s much to consider before buying a new putter, as it’s arguably the most important club in your bag.

Choosing one that suits your stroke is the key to holing more putts and, ultimately, shooting lower scores.

As with every other club in your bag, a custom fitting is the best way forward. At the very least, you’d want a qualified PGA professional to look at your putting stroke, as some putters will suit you more than others.

Then, of course, there’s the look and feel of your flat stick. You want to be confident when you’re standing over a putt, as though you can roll the ball consistently and out of the centre of the face. Of course, we don’t always do that, not even the pros, so when you don’t quite find the middle, you want an element of forgiveness.

The head design is another key factor to consider. You might be a traditionalist in search of a new blade, or you might need more help stabilising your stroke or prefer a model that makes alignment easier, in which case a mallet putter might suit you better.

There are hundreds of models out there, and new putters are constantly being added to existing lines.

We look at the best golf putters on the market in 2021, and many of the putters mentioned are one of a number in the range. So, whilst you may not like a certain head shape, for example, there’s sure to be one in the line-up that suits your eye and putting stroke.


1. Axis 1 Rose, RRP £449

best golf putters

The Axis 1 putter is designed in such a way that it won’t naturally open during the putting stroke.

This feature is made possible by pushing the weight forward with a heel counterweight. The CG is positioned precisely on the centre of the putter face and aligns perfectly with the axis of the shaft.

As a result, users should find their putting performance improve as it helps the stroke to remain on line time after time.

The hosel design may be a little unusual, but it’s a beautiful-looking putter and one Justin Rose has enjoyed great success with in the past, as well as numerous other Tour pros.


2. TaylorMade Spider EX, RRP £299.00

best golf putters

TaylorMade’s Spider family is a hugely popular line, and the EX is sure to be another hit.

The new True Path system on the top of the head makes it easier to align, with three reflective white dots between the dual rail also helping golfers to line up the ball.

As well as alignment assistance, the putter features an aluminium frame and carbon composite head that increases the MOI for a more consistent roll. Users should find that this offers more forgiveness across the face, which is always welcome when you don’t quite deliver a centred strike.  


3. Cobra King Vintage Stingray Single, RRP £199.00

best golf putters

The King Vintage series will appeal to those golfers who favour a more traditional look.

Cobra engineers worked alongside SIK Golf and Bryson DeChambeau to design a putter face that improves ball roll. It features an aluminium insert with four descending lofts on the face to produce the most consistent roll trajectory for different putting strokes and angles of attack.

The Stingray is an oversize mallet putter, but with multiple shapes, hosels, and an adjustable weighting system, you have various options for different putting strokes. And, of course, with Cobra you can monitor your performance thanks to the tracking system embedded in the grips.


4. Ping 2021 Anser 4, RRP £269.00

best golf putters

There are a dozen models in Ping’s 2021 range, comprising mallets, mid-mallets, and blades. All these models have been designed with improved forgiveness in mind. 

One of the key technologies is a new dual-durometer Pebax face insert, the front layer of which is softer for precision on close-range putts, while the rear layer is firmer to aid speed and distance control.

The face also features uniform grooves, which Ping says provides more consistent distance control across the face. The putters come with a dark, stealth PVD finish which boosts their premium looks.


5. Odyssey White Hot OG #5, RRP £199.00

best golf putters

White Hot is one of the most iconic putters of all time, with the classic line proving extremely popular on Tour and with golfers of all abilities for the last two decades.

This is largely down to the insert used, which provides exceptional feel. For 2021, the original White Hot formulation, feel, sound, and performance are all back in one two-part urethane insert. Combined with a rich silver PVD finish with fine milling on the surfaces, Odyssey has another beautiful range on its hands. The line-up includes the #1, #1WS, 2Ball, #5, and #7 models, as well as the much-loved Rossie.


6. Odyssey 2-Ball Ten, RRP £299.00

best golf putters

Featuring Odyssey’s famous 2-Ball alignment, it should come as no surprise that the new 2-Ball Ten is still aimed at those players who tend to push or pull their putts.

It features a White Hot Microhinge face insert, which promotes immediate forward roll for improved speed and control – so you should see the ball ‘hugging’ the ground when you putt; in other words, less ‘skidding’.

In addition, the shaft has been made stiffer and more stable – it’s seven grams lighter than its predecessor – to aid tempo and improve consistency in the putting stroke.


7. Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2, RRP £380.00

Nothing quite turns your head like a new Scotty Cameron putter.

The Newport 2 was first released in 1997, and it’s been a favourite with many of the world’s best putters.

The latest model is a fraction sleeker than the 2018 model, and with input from Tour players, it’s been made thinner to sit a touch flatter on the ground.

Meanwhile, heavier tungsten weights have been added to the heel and toe to aid stability on off-centre strikes. ‘Classic, industrial with elegance,’ is how the master putter maker describes them, and it’s hard to disagree.


8. Mizuno M.Craft IV, RRP £269.00

There are three mid-mallet models in the extended line-up for 2021, and each has been CNC-milled to create the most precise shape and alignment.

This model is a slant neck-deep square back putter with moderate toe-hang to suit players with a moderate putting arc.

Forged from premium 1025 mild carbon steel and available in three striking finishes, the M.Craft putters are certainly eye-catching.

Designed for stability, the head has been designed to promote a fluid, rhythmical putting stroke, while additional weights can be interchanged to allow the user to fine-tune the feel.


9. Wilson Staff Infinite Bucktown, RRP £109.00

Wilson Staff’s Infinite putter range offers a range of different head shapes and styles.

The main talking point is Counterbalance Technology, which sees additional weight placed in the grip end of the club and head; this brings the point of balance closer to the hands, which makes it easier to control the swing and helps the stroke to be more consistent.

In addition, the oversized 104-gram Infinite grip works by softening the hand action and eradicates unwanted wrist movement.

Meanwhile, the dark anti-glare finish contributes towards a premium look, which isn’t reflected in the competitive price.


10. Evnroll ER11V Putter, RRP £369.00

Evnroll putters ooze quality, and it’s no different with the new V Series range. The ER11V is the flagship model, a high-performance mallet offering forgiveness and stability in a clean and compact look.

Evnroll’s Sweet Face Technology is behind the unique mill pattern, which delivers uniform performance across the entire hitting area.

So, the ER11V could be a game-changer for golfers who struggle with consistent roll and pace control.


11. Bettinardi Studio Stock 18, RRP £399.00

Those in search of a new blade putter would be well advised to try this beautiful handcrafted offering from Bettinardi.

Developed with input from some of the world’s best players, the Roll Control Face gives players exceptional feel and optimal audible feedback, while the asymmetrical design groove profile promotes more topspin at impact and shortens the distance the ball takes to get into a true roll with each putt.

With the Diamond Blast finish, which gives the putter its clean appearance, and red and back paint scheme, you have one of the most aesthetically pleasing blades on the market, too.


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