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The Top 7 Golf Simulators On The Market

Golf Care, 21st October 2021

best golf simulators


It’s the ultimate golf purchase – a golf simulator. We’re talking about the all-singing, all-dancing piece of kit that picks up your every move, helping you to practice like a pro and work on your swing away from the golf course.

Such gear doesn’t come cheap, but if you’re serious about making improvements and have the disposable income, then such a purchase can take your game to the next level.

You’re probably going to need a bit of space, too, and given the amount of data that gets fed back, you’ll need a fair bit of knowledge of what it all means.

However, if you’re genuinely thinking about buying a golf simulator, the chances are you’re no golf novice, and you’re going to be able to make sense of swing speeds, spin rates and launch angles, as well as all those other crucial numbers.

Perhaps you’re a teaching professional looking to install the latest technology in your swing studio? Whether you’re in the market for a golf simulator, or want to learn more about what they do, you’re in the right place.

Here are our top 7 golf simulators on the market.


1. Foresight Performance Simulator, from £16,854.00 inc. VAT


Foresight is a major player in the simulator market. In fact, its GCQuad launch monitor is used by many of the world’s best golfers.

Foresight has a solution for every space when it comes to simulators, so you can effectively design your own package, much like you’d spec up a new car.

According to Foresight, the Performance Simulator represents its most affordable, versatile, and flexible full-projection simulator. It provides the ultimate in-home practice experience and analysis without the need for a permanent installation, and customers can choose from the brand’s widely used range of GC launch monitor technology.

Depending on how your mood takes you, you can get to work on a serious practice session or enjoy a round with friends on a world-famous course. In summary, it’s accurate, incredibly comprehensive, and great fun.


2. SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor & Simulator, £1,995.00


Of course, we don’t all have five-figure sums of cash floating around. Fear not, as there are cheaper options, and they can still tick many boxes.

The SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor & Simulator, which will appeal more to the average golfer, is a realistic and real-time golf practice and play system. It connects wirelessly to your iPad and captures and displays a range of data. With instant 3D visualisation, it gives you instant feedback on every shot.

It’s easy to set up and easy to use. All you need is a safe hitting area (approximately 9x10x10 is recommended), and away you go. With an internet connection, you can access a range of features, although you don’t need to worry if you can’t get Wi-Fi, as it will still record your data.

One of the beauties of the SkyTrak is that it’s easy to transport, so you can use it in the garden with a net or take it down the range. Then, you can browse all the data at your leisure – numbers which include ball speed, launch angle, backspin, sidespin, side angle, spin axis and total spin.


3. TrackMan 4 Simulator, from approx. £32,000.00


Watch the Tour pros warm up on the range before a tournament, and the chances are you’ll see a fair few TrackMan’s – it’s the launch monitor of choice for a great number of players.

The highly advanced TrackMan 4 provides everything from club speed and path to launch angle and smash factor. Combining radar capability with high-end optics, it’s able to record incredibly accurate data – and the simulator experience is something else!

In 2019, the company rebuilt the simulator to take it to the next level, so you’ll feel like you’re really there – wherever ‘there’ happens to be. Fancy a round at Pebble Beach?

In truth, it’s one for the teaching pros, ranges, and urban golf facilities. That said, if you have the space and want to create the ultimate indoor golf set-up at home, be sure to check out what TrackMan has to offer.

Be prepared to have strangers knocking on your door wanting a go, though!


4. Full Swing Pro Series Simulator, £50,000.000


If it’s good enough for Tiger Woods, who has one in his home, then who are we to criticise this cutting edge bit of kit, which combines the accuracy of infrared with high-speed cameras.

“Using patented technology, Full Swing provides the most accurate ball data allowing me to work on shaping my shots and getting back into championship form.”

That’s some endorsement from arguably the game’s best-ever player, who’s probably also a hard man to impress.

The graphics and 90+ courses get the nod of approval from those who have been there, seen it and done it, as does the cinema-quality projector. With patented dual-tracking technology, you’re able to see your real ball flight on-screen with no delay, just like you would out on the course, as your ball passes through two tracks with 688 infrared sensors to measure the ball mid-flight at the speed of light.

Woods and co obviously use it predominantly for serious business, but for the rest of us, it’ll be hard to drag yourself away from the skills challenges.

There’s so much to explore – you’ll probably want to go for the 16 foot widescreen Pro option.


5. aboutGOLF Curve, from £52,000.00


Like most of the simulators featured here, you’re most likely to come across the aboutGOLF Curve in a commercial setting, where you can work with a PGA professional to improve your swing. However, if you’re interested in picking one up for yourself, you can rest assured that aboutGOLF’s curved screen is flexible enough to fit most spaces.

It provides the user with an immersive experience thanks to the screen’s arc and depth, so as well as taking you out on the course for an incredibly real round, it creates quite a theatre for the whole family on movie night.

In terms of golf specifics, every aspect of your shot gets captured. The brand’s 3Trak technology is the key to its pinpoint accuracy, which works by collecting image data at twice the rate of many other machine vision systems. It also collects shot data within a monolithic calibration volume, including velocity, launch angles and spin. In other words, there’s no guesswork going on here.


6. TruGolf Vista 10, from approx. £12,500


The Vista Series has cutting-edge hardware and software for a complete golf simulation experience from tee to green. Compared to most other premium simulators, it’s not going to break the bank. At the same time, it doesn’t cut corners and offers an immersive indoor golf experience.

The TruFlight 2 allows golfers to play every shot as they would on the course, with three high-speed camera systems capturing all the relevant club and ball data. Meanwhile, with E6 CONNECT software, not only can you work on your swing, but you can also compete in leagues and events and enjoy a whole host of games with friends and family.


7. Uneekor All-In Power EYE OX Suite Simulator, from approx. £15,000


Despite being relatively new to the market, Uneekor has received some glowing reports. It’s the brand’s first-ever commercial grade all-in-one package and offers a fantastic environment to work on every aspect of your game.

It gives you the option to choose from five training modes: Short Game Complex, Driving Complex, Stroke Play, Course Practice, and QED Challenge. For those wanting to put some solid hours in, head to the range, where you can also work on your putting before adding a level of competition in and playing your local course with friends.

If you want to mix your practice up a little, you can take on some interesting targets, too.  Whether you’re a serious golfer or totally new to the game, Uneekor simulators certainly have a way of hooking you in and making the game fun.


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