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How many golf clubs can you carry?

Golf Care, 28th June 2022

how many golf clubs can you carry


Golf is a game that throws up many surprises. Even if you’re playing a familiar course, there’s no guarantee each hole will be exactly the same as you remember.

There are various factors which can impact your game and performance. Be it the weather, surface, or your choice of club—you need to be prepared.

But different courses have different rules about what you can and can’t take with you out on the course, which leads to that all-important question…


How many golf clubs can you carry?

Of course, the question of how many golf clubs you can carry often boils down to personal preference and your style of play.

After all, nobody wants to feel weighed down or not fully equipped. Buggy or no buggy, you should only ever carry what you know you’ll need.

Generally speaking, the universal rules of golf stipulate you can carry a maximum of 14 golf clubs in your golf bag, but the make-up of that 14 is entirely up to you.

For example, some golfers choose to carry two drivers, and some carry two putters, then there are your irons, and so on.

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Choosing your golf clubs

how many golf clubs can you carry

Choosing an appropriate set of golf clubs for your game can be difficult, especially if you’re not entirely clued up on all things equipment—it’s a fast-paced world.

New sets are released seemingly all the time, and the choice has never been greater.

Although no two players or courses are the same, a typical golf bag might contain:

  • 1x or 2x driver(s)
  • 1x or 2x putter(s)
  • Set of irons (usually 5-7 clubs)
  • 1x or 2x wood(s)
  • 1x or 2x wedge(s)
  • 1x hybrid or ‘rescue’ club (optional)

There’s often an element of ‘tradition’ associated with your golf bag and what it should consist of—but having a set of clubs which suits YOU and your game is the most important consideration.

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Is 14 golf clubs too many?

how many golf clubs can you carry

The 14-club rule was introduced in the 1920s for various reasons. The first was so as not to exhaust the caddies but also to ensure the game was fair, with players not being disadvantaged merely because of the clubs (or lack thereof) at their disposal.

However, golf has advanced hugely since the 1920s. Nowadays, both club manufacturing and technology are far superior to 100 years ago, with clubs having multiple functions and built-in capabilities.

Some golfers argue that even 14 clubs is too many to carry nowadays. But, again, that’s up to you.

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