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The 9 best spikeless golf shoes on the market

Golf Care, 1st March 2023

best spikeless golf shoes


Classic golf shoes feature spikes to improve traction and anchor you to the ground as you swing. But spikeless golf shoes have come on leaps and bounds since their rise to popularity in the early 2000s.

While they sacrifice grip in certain conditions, spikeless shoes offer more comfort—enough to make PGA Tour golfers like Adam Scott and Justin Rose make the switch.

Here you’ll find the best spikeless golf shoes on the market, including some cheaper options if you’re shopping on a budget.


1. PAYNTR X 002 LE spikeless golf shoes, £149.99

TPU outsoles have a fantastic reputation for abrasion and slip resistance, and those designed by PAYNTR Golf are of fantastic quality. The nubs are intricately designed to increase traction and the shoe’s longevity. 

The full-grain leather upper provides excellent water resistance. The Dual Density PMX foam midsole and moulded OrthoLite footbed support your feet from every angle so you can swing comfortably.

Overall, these spikeless golf shoes are superior in cushioning and comfort and were voted the #1 Spikeless Golf Shoe by MyGolfSpy

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2. Puma GS-FAST men’s golf shoes, £109.90

PUMA best spikeless golf shoes image

Available in seven different colours, the Puma GS-Fast spikeless golf shoes are perfect for making a statement. Beyond their design, they offer a range of features to improve your performance.

The carbon rubber outsoles give greater traction through the golf swing through their carefully placed directional lugs, while the EVA foam midsole layer enhances comfort.

The exterior comprises seam-sealed synthetic leather and a TPU skin for weatherproofing and longevity, and the shoes come with a one-year waterproof warranty for reassurance.


3. TRUE Linkswear OG Sport golf shoes, £115

TRUE best spikeless golf shoes image

They look like they’re only suitable as summer golf shoes, but don’t be fooled—they’re also fully waterproof despite their delicate knitted finish.

TRUE’s unique Adaptive Sport Knit Technology means these shoes glide on like socks but rise to the challenge in harsh conditions. The shoes come with a two-year waterproof guarantee, which speaks volumes about their quality.

Their cross-life tread provides all-weather versatility, so you don’t need to worry about compromising traction by switching to these spikeless golf shoes. 

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4. FootJoy Flex XP, £69.97 (RRP £114.99)

FootJoy best spikeless golf shoe

The VersaTrax outsole is the unique selling point of the FootJoy Flex XP—just one look at the anti-channelling tread pattern shows its ability to reduce slippage from every angle.

While they don’t appear to be waterproof at first glance, their mesh uppers are specially engineered to repel water and keep your feet dry in all conditions, and they come with a one-year waterproof guarantee.

Available in five different colours, these shoes provide a great opportunity to customise your golf footwear when shopping on a budget.


5. Duca del Cosma Belair white men’s golf shoes, £169.95 

best spikeless golf shoes by Duca del Cosma

On the lookout for Italian spikeless golf shoes? You won’t be disappointed with the Belair shoes from Duca del Cosma, awarded the Golf Monthly Editor’s Choice Award.

They are crafted from soft Italian Nappa leather, giving them a sleek and classic finish.

The ArneFlex memory foam insoles provide optimum comfort, breathability, and shock absorption, and the cleverly designed nubs on the outsole mean they’re wearable both off and on the course.

Duca has created their first fully recyclable outsole through the Airplay IV, so opting for this shoe means you’re doing your bit for the environment.


6. Druids Flex Heather men’s golf shoes, £60

Druids Flex Heather spikeless golf shoe

Comfort and stability are prioritised in the Druids Flex Heather spikeless golf shoes range—they have lightweight cushioning and are designed to give you more torque during swings.  

The shoe interior features breathable performance mesh, but they still repel water and even come with a one-year waterproof warranty. 

If you’re a fan of OrthoLite, you’ll be glad to know the Flex Heather golf shoes benefit from these popular temperature-regulating insoles. They provide long-lasting cushioning to protect your feet and provide maximum comfort on the course.

Their colourful design and versatile features make them the ideal summer golf shoes, but they’ll also perform in poor weather thanks to their quality traction and waterproofing.

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7. Ellesse Zenith spikeless golf shoes, £44.90 (RRP £84.99)

Zenith spikeless golf shoe

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get quality golf gear—the Ellesse Zenith spikeless golf shoes offer some seriously competitive features for under £50. 

Their breathable mesh upper has a waterproof coating to shield your feet in wet conditions, and the rubber outsole traction system is effective across a wide range of surfaces.

Despite their low price, they don’t compromise on comfort—they contain EVA and memory foam cushioning to protect your feet.


8. Under Armour Men’s HOVR Drive 2 SL E golf shoes, £109 (RRP £130)

under armour spikeless golf shoe

One look at these golf shoes is all it takes to see why they’re so popular. They’re contemporary yet classic and can be worn off and on the course.

Their UA HOVR footwear cushioning technology doesn’t just support your feet—it actually returns energy. Its placement helps eliminate impact by supporting the natural motion of your foot during a golf swing.

Plus, the lightweight waterproof membrane on the shoe’s exterior means you can wear them all season.

Their innovative design makes them one of the most comfortable spikeless golf shoes available, rivalling more established competitors like Adidas and Nike.


9. NOBULL White MATRYX men’s golf shoes, £165

NOBULL spikeless golf shoe image

Looking for a pair of golf shoes you can get away with wearing to the gym? This pair from NOBULL is designed with a rubber outsole to transition seamlessly from the fairway to any other surface.

They incorporate abrasion and water-resistant MATRYX material to give them a tough and durable finish. It may not appear so, but you can wear them in all conditions.

Their woven technical yarn design improves medial and lateral support and forefoot flexibility, helping you reach your finest performance.  

Traction is no issue thanks to their outsole lug pattern, which features micro textures for improved traction on other surfaces. They’re certainly one of the most versatile shoes of their kind.

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