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The 12 best Father’s Day golf gifts

Golf Care, 3rd June 2024

father's day golf gifts


It’s that time of year again, when children all over the land try to think of a Father’s Day golf gift for their Dad that won’t end up in the bottom drawer of the lounge sideboard.

Dads with minimal interests or hobbies make this a very difficult task, but if yours is a golfer, you’re laughing—because we’ve done all the hard work for you with this collection of brilliant Father’s Day golf gifts. With present ideas ranging from less than £20 to £169, there’s something for everyone!


1. Twoball somewhere nice

father's day golf gifts

List of courses on Today’s Golfer, approx. £35.

Green fees can be expensive, but treating Dad with a game for him and his best mate somewhere good is possible because high-quality golf can be found for a price you can afford.

Golf World also does a Great Britain & Ireland Top 100 Courses Under £35 ranking and the calibre of course is really good. There are entries all over the country so there’s bound to be one near you.

There are some great nine-hole courses in there, too—so you can get the green fee for two and throw in a couple of pints for £50.


2. Magazine subscription

father's day golf gifts

Golf Monthly magazine subscription, £27.99 for 6 months.

Talk of Today’s Golfer has reminded us of a magazine subscription, which is another good option for a gift. TG or Golf Monthly often have good subscription deals—such as free balls—that make taking it up a no-brainer. Don’t be surprised if one emerges just before Father’s Day for one or both of the magazines.


3. Golf balls

father's day golf gifts

Titleist Tour Soft golf balls, £34.

Buying equipment is tricky for golfers unless you are a golfer yourself. It’s so easy to spend decent money on something that will never be used because it doesn’t suit the recipient’s swing. Or they might just love their existing version of that club and are reluctant to switch.

Balls are different though, as everyone needs them. It’s an easy gift to get to get right too—have a rumble through your Dad’s golf bag and see what he uses. You’ll likely find that there is to be a few Commandos and a Moliter or TopFlite in there, but there will be a dominant ball (or type of ball). Get the same ball or one that’s similar and you’ll be very popular when they’re unwrapped.

If there are no balls in his bag, play it safe for one of your Father’s Day golf gifts with a Titleist Tour Soft—these suit basically everyone.


4. Golf glove

father's day golf gifts

MacWet wet weather glove, £30.

Something that can be used by everyone, you can’t really choose poorly with a golf golve. Just remember that if Dad is right-handed, you’ll need to get a left-hand glove. A lovely new Cabretta leather glove is a fantastic, relatively low-cost gift.

You can’t go wrong with a FootJoy, like the Stasof for £23.99, or the silky Pure Touch Limited for just £3 more.

Oh, and you could also consider a MacWet wet weather glove for £30—arguably the most handy piece of kit in the rain.


5. Winter mitts

father's day golf gifts

FJ winter mitts, £26.99 or Ping golf mittens, £37.

We can already hear you thinking, “No, he has some winter gloves, he doesn’t need these.”

However, winter mitts are not the same as normal gloves. They are essentially oven gloves that you dare wear on the golf course.

Winter mitts are so warm and comfortable that on a cold day you take them off to play your shot and get them back on pronto!


6. Headcover

father's day golf gifts

Glenmuir fairway wood pom pom golf headcover, £20

It might be an obvious suggestion, but the options on the headcover market are really good these days. Choose anything from the soft toy animal vibe of Daphne’s Elk, £24.99, to an Open hybrid cover, £36. Or, of course, one from his favourite football team.


7. Golf insurance

father's day golf gifts

You’ll be the most popular child in history when your Dad remembers he has golf insurance when he has his gear stolen, or an errant drive causes some damage.

Not one of the most glamorous Father’s Day golf gifts, but incredibly useful!

Through Golf Care, you can get cover for things such as golf equipment, personal accidents, and even Hole-in-One cover, meaning your Dad’s bar bill could be taken care of if he holes an ace in a competition. Check out the latest free golf gifts on offer when you take out an insurance policy through Golf Care.



8. Golf shirt

father's day golf gifts

Ralph Lauren tailored fit performance mesh polo shirt, £119.

Granted, this might feel a little unimaginative, but a golf shirt is something that can be cherished and worn time and time again.

Going for something a little more fancy could be the ideal way forward here, such as something from Ralph Lauren or Joules. However, a cheaper alternative such as the Greg Norman Men’s Shark Logo Golf Polo Shirt at £24.99 is still sure to go down a treat.


9. Golf book

father's day golf gifts

Check out: 10 golf books you need to read

There are loads of good golf books around. Choose from something new such as Phil: The Rip-Roaring (and Unauthorised!) Biography of Golf’s Most Colorful Superstar by Alan Shipnuck, or go for an old classic like Golf is not a game of perfect by Bob Rotell, Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf, or To The Linksland by Michael Bamberger.


10. Novelty t-shirt

father's day golf gifts

‘Best Golf Dad By Par’ novelty t-shirt, £16.99.

A tongue in cheek no-brainer, the novelty golf t-shirt is enough to make anyone smile this Father’s Day. It’ll definitely be one of the Father’s Day golf gifts to remember!


11. Golf watch

father's day golf gifts

Bushnell iON Edge, £169.

There’s no point pretending this isn’t anything other than an expensive gift. But it’s a great one. If Dad works out his yardages by squinting at the 150-yard marker and working out what he’s got left, he is going to love you if you pitch up with a watch on Father’s Day.

Bonus: There’s every chance you’ll help lower his handicap by a couple of shots with this gift, too.


12. Viewing platform

father's day golf gifts

NowTV pass, £26 a month.

The Open is in July. It’s on Sky Sports. Are you thinking what we’re thinking?

You can pick up a a NowTV pass for about £26 a month. However, prices often vary, so it may be worth phoning up to see if a deal is on.

If Dad is also a football fan, you could buy a month’s subscription during the week of The Open, and he’ll then get the first couple of weeks of the new Premier League season in August, too.


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