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This hole-in-one insurance case study shows why it’s the best feeling in golf

Golf Care, 27th April 2016

hole-in-one insurance case study Anthony Brooks landed his first hole-in-one last year. Anthony is the man pictured in the blue jacke

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Why landing a hole-in-one is the best feeling in golf, and why hole-in-one insurance is worth every penny

The background
It is an exhilarating moment for all golfers when they land a hole-in-one. It’s an almost incomparable feeling. The likelihood is, if you have had one before, you will remember everything about it for the rest of your life. Even 80-year-old Gary Player, who has achieved everything that there is to in golf, was delighted when he scored one during the Par-3 Tournament at the Masters in April.

Golf Care policyholders Anthony Brooks and Neil Taylor, from Yorkshire and Norfolk respectively, recently joined the elite list of golfers to have hit an ace. It is a tradition for any golfer lucky enough to do so to spread their joy by buying everyone in the clubhouse a drink afterwards. Fortunately for Anthony and Neil, their Golf Care insurance covered the cost of that bar tab.

Anthony Brooks landed his first hole-in-one last year. Anthony is the man pictured in the blue jacke
Incident one: the luck of playing at a new course
Anthony, pictured above wearing the blue jacket, made an immediate impression at his new club by hitting a hole-in-one on a 160yard par-3. He swapped the Lancashire coast for Yorkshire when he moved to Barnsley from Blackpool last year, and with it came a new course on which to play.

Participating in the Senior Stableford on a cold Tuesday morning in December, Anthony made a clean connection off the tenth hole at the Sandhill Golf Club to land his first ever hole-in-one. The 72-year-old, who has been playing golf since 1985, ended up having to buy drinks for nearly 50 people, with the bar bill running into the hundreds.

Incident two: an indescribable moment
“It is a surreal moment. You are literally lost for words when it happens,” said Neil when describing his hole-in-one at Diss Golf Club in Norfolk last December. Neil was competing in a doubles tournament. Strangely, two holes before his memorable shot on the par-4 15th, he was discussing with his partner how he had never managed to hole the shot that all golf players dream of doing.

Now aged 52, he has played golf on and off since he was 18 but has only played the sport on a regular basis since 2012. With a shotgun start to the tournament, he ended up purchasing coffees for everyone after the competition ended. Due to an 11.45am conclusion on a Sunday morning, no-one particularly fancied an alcoholic drink!

The result
Both Anthony and Neil’s bar bills were covered for their hole-in-ones. Certainly Anthony will probably have been the happier of the two, considering he was purchasing alcoholic beverages for nearly 50 people, whilst Neil’s order was just for hot drinks. Both golfers were covered by their Golf Care policies and both now have a clear target: to repeat the achievement this year!

The need for insurance
Hole-in-one insurance cover is an excellent feature of the Golf Care policy. It ensures that you’re not out of pocket as a result of your own success during a competition. It is a win-win situation. Neil said: “I only signed up to Golf Care in February 2015 and I have just renewed my policy. I play twice a week and I would strongly recommend any golfer to sign up with Golf Care. They have some great incentives, such as vouchers for free rounds of golf.”

Anthony added: “I have been insured by Golf Care for nearly ten years. This was my first claim but I am pleased I was insured. I remembered straight away that I could claim the bar bill back for a hole-in-one, even though I initially signed up to Golf Care to cover the accidental side and for the free golf balls.”

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